Point Roberts Bordering Crossing in Point Roberts WA

Border Crossing Information

What you need to know about crossing the border between Point Roberts, WA and British Columbia, Canada.

Point Roberts, Washington, located immediately south of the 49th parallel, is geographically severed from the US and shares its only land border with Canada.

Remember to bring proper identification for yourself and everyone traveling with you when crossing the border.

Boundary Bay Border Crossing Information:



50 Tyee Drive
Point Roberts, WA 98281
US Customs: 1(360) 945-2314
HOURS: Open 24 hours

4 56 St, Delta, BC V4L 1Z2, Canada
Canadian Customs:
1(604) 943-2722
Hours: Open 24 hours

US Customs in Blaine, WA – Border Protection:

Canada Border Services Agency Information for Travelers

US Customs & Border Protection in Blaine, WA


Canadian shoppers are allowed to bring goods back from the U.S. tax free. Here are some general guidelines on what you can and cannot bring home when returning to Canada. For details on Duty Free shopping, click here.

Items allowed into Canada must still be declared on your declaration card.


Dogs and cats from the U.S. that are at least three months old need signed and dated certificates from a veterinarian verifying that they have been vaccinated against rabies within the last three years. The certificate must clearly identify the animal.

If your dogs or cats are less than three months old, you do not need a certificate of rabies vaccination to enter Canada. However, the animals must be in good health when they arrive. Most pet foods are not allowed to cross the border.

Entering Canada with your Dog Information
Entering Canada with your Cat Information
Information to consider when Adopting a Dog

Border Crossing Requirements

Adults (16 and older) are expected to have one of the following:

  • Passport
  • U.S. Passport Card
  • Enhanced Driver’s License (only available in certain states)
  • NEXUS Card
  • Specific military documents
  • Tribal ID

Traveling with Children
If you are traveling with children (15 and younger) and crossing the border into Canada or the USA, you should have:

  • Carry identification and proof of citizenship (birth certificate or naturalization certificate) for each child.
  • Enhanced Government-issued photo I.D. (issued in some states)
  • Divorced parents who share custody of their children should carry copies of the legal custody documents.
  • Adults who are not parents or guardians should have written permission from the parents or guardians stating the travel is authorized.
  • Passport
  • U.S. Passport Card

Other Border Crossing Requirements

  • Non-Americans going to Canada are required to have a passport and/or visa.
  • Legal Permanent US Residents must carry a Green Card.
  • Alaska-Bound Travelers must show proof of sufficient funds for travel in Canada. Call ahead if transporting household effects or tools of the trade.
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